A couple of weeks ago I was browsing youtube and I came across a video from Caitlin of Sunshine & Stationery. She was setting 101 goals in 1001 days in her bullet journal – and I was instantly intrigued! Read on to see how I adapted this idea for my bullet journal, and what the 101 goals are that I have set.

How I picked my 101 goals in 1001 days and set it up in my bullet journal. #bulletjournal #goalsetting #101in1001

101 Goals in 1001 Days

I like the idea of setting goals across this length of time, because for some things one calendar year may not be enough time! For my 101 goals in 1001 days, I decided to start January 1, 2019, which means that if I am successful I will have accomplished all of my goals by September 28, 2021.

How I picked my 101 goals in 1001 days and set it up in my bullet journal. #bulletjournal #goalsetting #101in1001

Like Caitlin, I also broke my goals down into categories when writing them out. I like this method because if I am planning a day trip somewhere I can look at my travel category and see if there are any goals I want to accomplish that day.

My Goals

I’m going to list out my 101 goals here, and I will be coming back to update this post as I accomplish them. I think this will be a good way to hold myself accountable!

  1. 52 Skillshare classes in 52 weeks 
  2. Make stickers with Silhouette 
  3. Finish a colouring book 
  4. Get a fountain pen 
  5. Improve brush lettering 
  6. Collect all Tombow Brush Pens 
  7. Make Chocolate Fondue 
  8. Do Morning Pages Every Day for 1 Month 
  9. Redo Wooden Desk
  10. Complete Calligraphy Made Easy book 
  11. Pass PM License
  12. Open an Etsy Store
  13. Publish a Book/Ebook
  14. Rebrand/Redesign Blog 
  15. Create 1 Year Editorial Calendar 
  16. Grow Email List to 1000 
  17. Grow Instagram to 1000 
  18. Take professional blog photo 
  19. Start a Youtube Channel 
  20. Buy a new camera 
  21. Post every day on social media (blog) for 1 month 
  22. Engage daily on all platforms for 1 month 
  23. Invest in a good pair of work shoes 
  24. Launch a course 
  25. Launch & make 5 sales from a bundle 
  26. Work at a coffee shop for 1 day 
  27. Take a spin class
  28. Run 2k 
  29. Wake up at 5 am daily for 1 month 
  30. Go one month without eating out 
  31. Walk 10k steps a day for one month 
  32. Play tennis 
  33. Carry a water bottle for one month 
  34. Do whole 30 
  35. Feel confident in a bikini 
  36. Meal plan for 1 month 
  37. Go kayaking in the ocean 
  38. Do meatless Monday for 1 month 
  39. Hike Notch Hill without stopping 
  40. Creative Retreat
  41. Drive Alaska Highway
  42. Drive across Canada 
  43. See a Canucks game live 
  44. Storm watching in Tofino 
  45. Visit Seattle Market
  46. Get passport 
  47. Go to a planning conference 
  48. Visit Grandparents
  49. Go to Ikea 
  50. Go to 5 Farmers Markets 
  51. Go on a Haunted Tour/Walk
  52. See MFM Live 
  53. Stay in a Yurt
  54. Watch the sunrise on the ocean
  55. Walk on the ferry to Van
  56. Take a seaplane 
  57. Go to PNE 
  58. See the northern lights
  59. Go crabbing 
  60. Take sky train in Van 
  61. Spend a night at Mount Washington 
  62. Eat from a food truck
  63. Input recipes into Evernote 
  64. Streamline TV Watchlists
  65. Have an unplugged weekend 
  66. Purge/organize iTunes
  67. Organize digital photos 
  68. give 100% tip at dinner
  69. Go to movies alone 
  70. Buy someone’s coffee
  71. Donate to charity 
  72. File my own taxes
  73. Buy a desktop Mac 
  74. Get a Tattoo for Dobby 
  75. Vote in next federal election 
  76. Have a Harry Potter marathon 
  77. Grow my own herbs 
  78. Organize patio space
  79. Get blue light blocking glasses
  80. Watch 10 documentaries 
  81. Try 10 new podcasts 
  82. Take a DNA test 
  83. Get life insurance
  84. Go go-karting 
  85. Watch game of thrones 
  86. Buy a cute backpack 
  87. Get a facial 
  88. Try 10 new restaurants 
  89. Clean closet/dresser 
  90. Paint my bedroom 
  91. Organize iCloud library
  92. Make family tree
  93. organize all Washi 
  94. Organize Raskog Cart 
  95. Deep clean kitchen
  96. Deep clean bathroom 
  97. Go out for breakfast before 7 am
  98. Organize all markers & pens 
  99. Find a way to organize stickers 
  100. Subscribe to a subscription box or magazine. 

Whew! So, I just made it to the end of typing out this list from my bullet journal and noticed that I jumped from 65 to 67 in my journal, and completely skipped 66… whoops! So I’m going to add one more thing to my list:

101. Go Thrifting. 

How I picked my 101 goals in 1001 days and set it up in my bullet journal. #bulletjournal #goalsetting #101in1001

Have you done goal setting like this? Are you going to make your own? Let me know below in the comments! 

How I picked my 101 goals in 1001 days and set it up in my bullet journal. #bulletjournal #goalsetting #101in1001







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