Hi Friends! It’s hard to believe we are two months away from the end of 2020, and moving on to 2021. I think I can speak for all of us when I say this year has been a lot to handle. I’m remaining hopeful that 2021 turns over a new leaf, and what better way to manifest that then by grabbing your new 2021 planner!

I’ve rounded up 21 different planner options you could use for 2021 – no matter what type of planner you are you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

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21 Planner Ideas for 2021

Before we dive in I want to remind that you if you’re choosing a paper planner next year you’re going to want some kiss-ass stickers to go along with it – lucky for you I recently opened my shop and am adding new planner sticker listings weekly! Click here to shop now. If you sign up for my email list you’ll also be notified of new releases and get a special monthly discount code to use on your order.¬†

Now let’s jump in to some planner options for the new year! These are in no particular order ūüôā

1. Happy Planner

Where to buy: In store & online. Price point: $20-40CAD. 

Happy planner is one of the more diverse and easily accessible planner options in this list. They can be purchased online, or in store at Michaels and other craft stores. There are a ton of different sizes and options available for the Happy planner, from classic, mini, skinny, and more. This planner utilizes the ring system, meaning it is easy to frankenplan, as well as to change out the covers!

2. Plum Paper Planner

Where to buy: Online from their website. Price point: starting at $29 USD. 

I am SO intrigued by the idea of a Plum Paper Planner! They are insanely customizable – and there a bunch of things you can add into your planner. I’m leaning towards trying one of these for 2021, and I can’t wait to place my order. I’ve been playing around with customizing different planners, and once I can figure out my perfect layout I’m going to be pulling the trigger. They also have great goal planner options!

3. Day Designer

Where to buy: Their website, Amazon, or Target in the US. Price point varies, but is around $60. 

I used a Day Designer in 2018 and I really enjoyed it. I loved the daily pages! My only complaint would be that the I wish the days started at 5am, and I wish that Saturday & Sunday had their own pages since those are my busiest days. I’m still contemplating going back, since I liked the feel of the planner and the hard cover.

4. Amplify Planner

Where to buy: Online from their website. Price point: $39.57 CAD per planner, or $131 for the 2021 bundle (4 planners) . 

Amplify is newer to the planner scene, and they’ve caused a lot of talk – for good reason! It’s a monthly, weekly AND daily planner in one. Each planner runs for a quarter (i.e. January-March), in order to not be to bulky. If I can talk myself into the shipping cost to Canada I’m definitely going to grab one to try out for 2021. One awesome thing about these planners is Saturday & Sunday have different pages (!!!) and the days run from 5am-11pm. I think I just talked myself into buying one by typing that last sentence, lol!

5. Makse Life Planner

Where to buy: Online from their website. Price point: TBA. 2021 Planners launch October 21. 

The hype is real on Youtube for this planner. It’s a goal setting system incorporated with a weekly planner, and it looks dreamy! My complaint is that they only ship within the USA right now, which is disappointing as a Canadian, since I’m a sucker for setting goals. If you live in the states, or can figure out another shipping option, I would absolutely recommend snagging one of these bad boys!

6. Recollections Planner

Where to buy: Online or in store at Michaels. Price point: $34.99 CAD for an 18 month planner. 

This is an affordable planner option available from Michaels, in store or online. The one I quoted about is an hourly weekly layout, which is great if you’re playing around with time blocking or have lots of zoom meetings! They are often compared to the Erin Condren planners, so this is a good choice if you are no longer supporting Erin Condren but liked the style of planner. I haven’t tried one yet, but I have a trip planned to Michaels soon so I may pick one up to do a review! If so I will link it here.

7. Cloth & Paper

Where to buy: Online on their website. Price point: Varies. 

Cloth & Paper is a great option is you have a travellers notebook, or a ring planner and are looking for inserts. They sell so many different types of inserts, at a wide range of price points, that you can create a completely customizable planner that fits your life!

8. Passion Planner

Where to buy: Online on their website. Price point: $47 USD. 

Passion planner is a great woman owned planner company, and I LOVE her planners. She offers a weekly planner, a daily undated planner, and new to this year a digital planner! For every planner you buy they donate a planner to someone in need, which makes me feel great. The planners also come in 3 sizes, so no matter how much planning you need to do, you’re sure to find one that works for you. Passion planner also includes a goal setting system, which is integrated throughout the planner to remind you of what is important.

9. Franklin Covey

Franklin Covey planners have been around for a while, and for good reason! They’re a customizable ring based planner, and are great for anyone. If you are wanting a good appointment planner, or something a bit less flashy, this would be a great route!

10. Digital Planner

If you already have an iPad or tablet of some kind, buying a digital planner can be one of the most cost effective planners to buy! There are so many different types of digital planners that can be purchased on marketplaces like Etsy, with a bunch of different layouts and planner styles. One great thing about purchasing a digital planner is it allows you to reuse it year after year and you can easily erase or wipe a page if you make a mistake.

11. Bullet Journal

Where to buy: anywhere you can buy a notebook. Dot grid notebooks are the most popular, and can be really affordable!

If you can’t seem to find a planner that ticks all your boxes – why not try a bullet journal? You can custom it to fit whatever system you want, and there is a wealth of inspiration from Pinterest to Instagram. Bullet journals don’t need to be super fancy by any means, I’ve actually started using mine mostly as a brain dump/to-do list planner and it works great!

12. Hobonichi Weeks

Where to buy: Amazon or from their website. Starting at $25USD.

These Japanese made planners have quite the cult following, and come in a few different size and layout options. If you’re a sticker lover you’re also likely to find a good assortment for sale on Etsy from people who love these planners!

13. Golden Coil

Where to buy: Their website. Price point: starting at $65 USD. Price increases for additional pages. 

I LOVED my Golden Coil planner when I purchased one last year. They’re the most customizable planner I’ve ever used! I would have hands down continued using it, but financially it was hard for me to justify. It cost me over $200 for a 6 month planner after having to pay import fees for it to come in to Canada. If you live in the USA, or have more disposable income, I would definitely recommend these planners.

14. Powersheets

Where to buy: their website. Price point: $60 USD. 

If you don’t need a weekly or daily planner, Powersheets are an amazing tool for goal setting. They also work great hand in hand with a weekly or daily planner. I used Powersheets for the first time this year – while I didn’t achieve all I wanted to (thanks 2020) they really helped me to narrow down on what is important to me and what I want to work towards. If I can financially swing it, I’m planning on purchasing Powersheets again for 2021!

15. Lights Planner Action

Where to buy: Their website. Price point: inserts start at under $10! 

Lights Planner Action is a shop that sells a wide variety of inserts for ring binders and traveller’s notebooks. The inserts are super affordable and you’re sure to find one for anything you may need! From calendar, checklists, trackers, and more.

16. Ivory Paper Co

Where to buy: their website. Price point: $65USD. 

Ivory Paper Co has some beautiful planners, in a few different layouts! They have a budget planner, daily planner, weekly planner, academic planner, and an ultimate planner. I haven’t personally tried on of her planners, but I’d love to know I’m supporting a woman of colour, while sporting a pretty sweet planner.

17. Personal Planner

Where to buy: their website. Price point: Starting at $29.95.

I am seriously here for all the customizable planners that have been popping up over the last couple of years. Everyone’s planning needs are so different and being able to customize a perfect planner for you is a game changer! Personal Planner is no different – they offer some great customizing options in various sizes!

18. Clever Fox

Where to buy: their website or on amazon. Starting at $24USD.

If you like the bujo style notebooks, but want a bit more structure, Clever Fox is a great option! They offer weekly and daily options, and a good variety of cover colours!

19. Orange Circle Studio

Where to buy: Amazon or their website. Prices vary.

Orange Circle Studio offers monthly, weekly, and even wall calendars! With a bunch of fun cover designs you’ll likely find a planner that works for you. It’s hard to list all the different varieties they have for planners, so I recommend clicking around their website – so many choices!

20. Inkwell Press

Where to buy: their website. Price point: $60+ USD.

Inkwell Press sports some beautiful disc planners! They’re a woman owned company, and offer various planner layouts as well as cover choices. They also have goal setting inserts so you can combine your goal setting and planning system in one!

21. Simplified Planner

Where to buy: Their website or amazon. Price point: $50+USD.

Simplified planners are exactly what the name implies – a simple daily or weekly planner! The layouts are simple, and put the focus where it should be: on your planning! You can easily brighten up the pages with stickers or highlights, or keep your planning simple with a pen and paper.

21 PLANNER IDEAS FOR 2021, Planner Ideas, Planner Options, Daily Planners, Weekly Planners, Goal Setting Planner

What planner are you going to choose?

Wowza – that’s a lot of choices! Have you decided on a planner yet for 2021? Which one do you think you’re going with? Let me know below in the comments! Personally I am tempted to buy one of each! Ahh, if only money grew on trees.

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