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Let me set the scene. You’re sitting down to brainstorm your next bullet journal theme idea, and nothing pops to your head. We’ve all been there! It can be hard sometimes to find a theme that works for you, and that you want to use the whole month.

I’m definitely not saying that you need to pick a theme and stick with it for the whole month, I am queen of a different colour scheme on every page. However, it can sometimes be fun to pick a theme and run with it for a whole month – it’s definitely a fun way to tell your bullet journal pages apart!

I’ve compiled a list of bullet journal theme ideas for each month of the year, I hope that you find something that works for you. I would love to see what you do with these ideas, tag me in your posts on instagram! I didn’t include photos on purpose because I would love to see your original ideas. If you would like to see some ideas with each theme Pinterest has an unbelievable amount of inspiration!

For each month I’ve included two theme ideas, with different colours/doodles you could include 🙂

24 bullet journal themes for every month of the year! 


1. Ring in the New Year (fireworks, metallic colours, bright bursts).

2. Winter Wonderland (snowflakes, glitter, soft pale blues and greys).


1. Love/Valentines Day (hearts, lots of pinks and reds)

2. Leap Year (frogs, green colours).


1. St Patricks Day  (greens, oranges, shamrocks, clovers, leprechauns)

2. Leaves (doodles, green and yellow colours)


1.April Showers (lots of blues, rain drops)

2. Easter theme (eggs, rabbits, etc.


1. May flowers (flowers, lots of floral and bright colours)

2. Camping/forest theme (this is usually the month I go for my first camping trip!)


1. Beach Theme (shells, sand, water, tan and blues)

2.Road Trip Theme (cars, mountains, roads, trees, route signs, sharp colours)


1.Canada Day or Independence Day (flags, fireworks)

2. Summer theme (bright yellows and oranges, sunshine, sunsets, palm trees, bright flowers)


1.Ocean theme (whales, fish, seaweed, coral, bright blues, purples, and greens).

2. Sunflower theme


1.Back to school theme – (pencils, rulers, chalkboard doodles)

2.Fall Theme – (leaves, dark reds and oranges, pinecones, rakes)


1.Thanksgiving – (Turkey, Food, Leaves, Family) 

2.Halloween – (Orange + black, pumpkins, ghosts) 


1.Rememberance day – (poppies, red)

2. Fall Animals (Foxes, squirrels, dark reds and browns, leaves) 


1.Christmas/Hanukkah style layouts

2.Winter/cold – (dark blues and purples, night skies, snowflakes) 

Those are my 24 bullet journal theme ideas! If you enjoyed this article I’d really appreciate you pinning to this post on Pinterest 🙂 

24 Bullet Journal Theme Ideas for Every Month Of The Year

What is your favourite bullet journal theme that you’ve tried? Let me know below in the comments! 




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