It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve started an Etsy shop. In that time, I’ve learnt quite a few things that I either didn’t expect, or wish I’d known prior to starting. Let’s jump into the 5 things I’ve discovered while running an Etsy sticker shop.

5 Things I've Learned Running an Etsy Sticker Shop. How to Start an Etsy Shop, What to Know Before Starting an Etsy Shop. #Etsy #stickershop

5 Things I’ve Learned Running an Etsy Sticker Shop

Running an Etsy shop is a lot of work, and when you’re like me (i.e. working a full time job, going to school, and running a blog) you really need to be at the top of your productivity game to rock it. I am definitely not an Etsy master, and I am still a novice in terms of sales and product design. However, I’ve definitely still learned a thing or two that I want to share, and to help hold me accountable in the future of my shop!

#1. Running an Etsy shop takes a lot of time

I know this is super obvious, but it’s true. As a very busy person, with tons of things demanding my time, it can be a struggle to find the time to dedicate to my shop. It takes time to create the products, list them on Etsy, market them, and ship them.

If you’re thinking about starting an Etsy shop, be aware to spend a good chunk of time on it.

#2. It’s not instant success

Being transparent is key. I didn’t get 100 orders my first month, and I don’t even know if I’ll have 100 orders in my first year. If you’re looking to get rich quick, I don’t think Etsy is for you.

I am okay that I haven’t had 50 orders yet. I’m still working on creating products and marketing, so I know they will come with time. I truly enjoy the process, so it doesn’t feel like work to me.

#3. There’s a lot of competition

Yes, there is a lot of competition if you are making planner stickers on Etsy. However, I don’t think the market is over saturated. There is always room for another sticker shop, and I think it is super important to support other shops!

No one has my ideas, or my exact touch, which makes each shop on Etsy unique. Once you dive into the world of planner stickers, you’ll realize this. Particularly since there are so many different types of planners, each with their own following and sticker measurements.

In my shop I create doodle based stickers for bullet journals, and I’m also wanting to dive into Day Designer stickers.

#4. Marketing & SEO is key

People won’t just magically find your shop. It is important to market effectively and consistently, and to utilize SEO keywords in the listings. A lot of traffic comes directly from Etsy, but I’ve also found it’s important to market on social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc).

#5. It can be expensive

To create planner stickers, there is a fairly significant investment that must be made. I had to purchase sticker paper, mailers, and a cutting machine. I chose the Silhouette Cameo 3, although another popular choice is the Cricuit. Of course I also need a printer and ink, but I already had those. If you want to see the printer I use and how I can print full colour for cheap, check out this post.  I also purchased/already had some tools, that I use to create my stickers. I design some stickers using my iPad and my Apple Pencil. I also use Affinity Designer to create stickers on my computer.

It’s important to offset the creation costs by accurately pricing your inventory, and your shipping costs. You can get a feel for what others are charging by searching Etsy.

In Conclusion

Those are the 5 things I’ve learned so far in running an Etsy shop. In conclusion it is important to effectively manage your time, be aware of the costs, and effectively market your products.

Do you run an Etsy sticker shop? Leave your links down below so we can support each other!

You can check out my Etsy shop, Zigzags & Zebras Co, here!

5 Things I've Learned Running an Etsy Sticker Shop. How to Start an Etsy Shop, What to Know Before Starting an Etsy Shop. #Etsy #stickershop


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