My Story

I’m Jessica, and I live on the west coast of Canada. I love teaching other women how to live their most productive & organized life through bullet journaling, planning, and time management.

I’ve had a life long love for all this organization, and school supply shopping was always my favourite time of the year (new pens! new notebooks!). When I discovered Bullet Journaling 3 years ago, I never looked back. I was able to combine my love of stationery and art with a system that organized my life.

I started Zigzags & Zebras as a way to share the things I’ve learnt, and inspire other women. Because of the tools I’ve found, I’m able to work full time, go to school, run this blog and my Etsy shop, and still find time to sleep every night.

I want everyone to be able to find time for the things they love, without sacrificing their mental health. If that’s what you want too, this is the place for you.



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