It’s time for a new instalment her on Zigzags & Zebras. As I mentioned in my planning update, I am now using a paper planner in conjunction with my bullet journal. Let’s jump into my April setup in my Day Designer!

April Day Designer Setup

I want to say I did a ton of research before choosing which planner to buy, but I didn’t. I woke up one morning, decided I needed something with a bit more structure, scrolled the web for a planner, and purchased the Day Designer Flagship planner 10 minutes later.

There are a ton of different planners out there, Erin Condren and Happy Planner are two of the most popular. The issue I found with those planners was that I wanted to have a page a day.

I absolutely love the Day Designer as it has a nice big page for every day of the year (except weekends share a page, which hurts me inside, but I’m making it work – that’s my only complaint).

Now, onto the setup for April..

The Day Designer flagship has a monthly overview on two pages, and then is followed with all the daily pages. I love how it is straight to the point, there aren’t any ‘fluff’ pages, and I don’t need them. If there’s a page a need, or something specific I want to include, I can stick that in my bullet journal.

I am a huge colour coder!

I absolutely love colour coding, and it really helps me to visually be able to distinguish between things.

On my monthly overview page, I have 6 different categories:

  • Pink – my day job, and any deadlines for the licensing course I am currently completing in conjunction with work.
  • Green – this blog, my Etsy shop, or anything else side hustle related.
  • Purple – social. This is where I can jot down any social engagement – friends, family, or dating.
  • Personal – this is anything just to do with me, like appointments, days I’m planning on hitting the gym, etc.
  • Blue – money. This is where I keep track of any paydays or payments I am expecting, or any bills/expenses that I have due. I use this in conjunction with the budget pages in my bullet journal.
  • Yellow – dinner. I keep a rough meal plan in my Day Designer so that when I am out and about I can quickly reference what my plan is. I keep a more detailed meal plan in my kitchen (that includes breakfasts and lunches).

I like to go through my setup a week or two before the month begins, so that I can be on top of my deadlines before they sneak up on me. You’ll also notice that some things aren’t filled in yet (like dinners), but theres a spot reserved.

At the point of these photos I hadn’t yet done my meal planning for April, and I also don’t bother doing a whole month in advance for that because who knows what could come up. I still like to go through and reserve them for each day, so I don’t forget to plan for it later!

Supplies Used:

In conclusion

My day designer is a life saver. I’ve been so busy recently (and overwhelmed), so having something with a bit more structure has been a godsend. I’m planning on writing another post soon to show how I use what I’ve planned in my monthly overview to set up my daily spreads.

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