Another day, another room cleaned and organized! Ah it feels so good. If you missed the previous post, I tackled my kitchen first – you can find it here! Now, let’s dive in to my bathroom declutter.

What I Did:

Here’s a quick run down of exactly what I did when decluttering & deep cleaning my REAL SMALL bathroom. I’ll note all that here, and then we can dive into some photos!

  • I pulled ALL of my bathroom products out and onto my living room floor. In Kon-Mari style I went through everything and chucked all the products that 1. didn’t spark joy (i.e. that pink eye shadow I will NEVER wear) or 2. Was open/empty/expired.
  • With everything out of the bathroom I got to cleaning.
  • I sprayed down and wiped out the tub & cleaned the grout
  • I cleaned the inside and outside of the toilet
  • I wiped out the washing machine & dryer, and dusted around it.
  • I wiped the hot water tank
  • Wiped down the cupboard under the sink, the medicine cabinet & mirror, and the sink
  • Cleaned & windex-ed the window & window sill
  • Washed the walls, and wiped off the baseboards
  • Finally I swept and swifered the floor.
  • After the cleaning I organized the bathroom products the best I could – I sorted like items together (i.e. all lotion in one spot, all bath products in another basket).
  • Things I use currently/frequently went in the shower, and in the medicine cabinet above the sink. I store the other products under the sink, as well as above the toilet, and in the living room closet. #smallbathroomproblems.


Now what we’ve been waiting for – my before and after photos. My bathroom is so small that the way I had to organize my products isn’t perfect or ideal. I would love to have it better organized but I had to make do with what I had.

Before Photos:

Here’s what I was working with before:



After Photos:

And here’s how I have it looking now.



It feels so good to have a clean bathroom, and knowing where everything is is great! The amount of time I spent looking for a bobby pin before was embarrassing. My hope is that you are inspired to clean and organize your small spaces after reading these, or that this at least provides you with something to read that isn’t the news. As always I’m thinking of each and every one of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and commenting.



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