I want to preface this post by apologizing for the radio silence recently! Life has gotten crazy busy, and I needed to take a step back so that I didn’t have a breakdown. However, I’ve found my mojo again, and I have so many great ideas. I have a slight rebrand in store, as I want this site to be more accessible and maneuverable. My goal is to have that done in the next few weeks – if you aren’t yet signed up for the newsletter I’d suggest to do that (above) so you can be one of the first to check out the new site! 

Now, onto today’s roundup post! I grabbed all of my black pens and markers to review for you today. I know how useful it can be to visually see the differences between different pens. If there are any that have been on your Wishlist let me know, as I will be updating this post when I add to my collection!


Black Pen Roundup

I’m going to showcase all my pens in two different notebooks so that you can see how the paper handles it: I’ll be using my 2019 Bullet Journal, an a5 Dot Grid Peter Pauper Press notebook, and my journal from last year: an a5 Dot Grid Leuchtturm1917.

Peter Pauper Press Notebook

BLACK PEN ROUNDUP. Stationery Review of all black pens and markers. #stationeryreview #blackpenreview

These are all of the black ink pens/markers I have in my collection currently. I am absolutely loving the paper in the Peter Pauper Press journal. None of these pens used bleed through the pages, and there is virtually no ghosting. If you’re hunting for a new notebook I strongly recommend this one!

BLACK PEN ROUNDUP. Stationery Review of all black pens and markers. #stationeryreview #blackpenreview

Leuchtturm1917 Notebook

BLACK PEN ROUNDUP. Stationery Review of all black pens and markers. #stationeryreview #blackpenreview

While Leuchtturm1917 notebooks will always be my first love, the paper just doesn’t handle these pens as nicely as the Peter Pauper Press notebook. There isn’t any bleeding, but I have noticed some pretty substantial ghosting. While ghosting doesn’t particularly bother me (it shows the journal is well loved!) I know it can be an issue for others.

BLACK PEN ROUNDUP. Stationery Review of all black pens and markers. #stationeryreview #blackpenreview

The Pens

Sakura Pigma Micron

These fine-liners are the pens I first got when I was introduced to bullet journaling, so they are tried and true.

Pros: I like the vibrancy of the ink, and they come in multiple tip sizes which makes creating bullet journal layouts a breeze.

Cons: If you have a heavy hand like me the tips wear out fast, which means I need to replace them frequently. Also, #protip do not use these to write over white out. It will instantly kill the pen. Ask me how I know?

Sharpie Pen

As an FYI these are the actual Sharpie Pens, not the Sharpie Fineliners. I too have been tempted to buy the Fineliner version for all the colours, but they are alcohol based and WILL bleed through your paper. We don’t want that.

Pros: The pens don’t bleed or ghost, and I’ve never had an issue with skipping. Smooth writing all the way.

Cons: The black isn’t very vibrant, its almost more dark grey.

Indigo Fineliner

I grabbed this fineliner from a bookstore chain here in Canada (Chapters/Indigo). The pen doesn’t have any writing on it to indicate a brand and the packaging is long gone. I won’t do pros/cons since I can’t direct you to purchase it. However, I find it writes similar to the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner.

Recollections Signature

Pros: Vibrant black, and a nice fine tip.

Cons: Haven’t found any cons so far with this pen!

Prismacolor Premier

Pros: This pen tip is soooo thin. I love it. If you’re searching for super fine lines, this is a great option.

Cons: It isn’t the most vibrant black, but I think it has something to do with the tip size.

Paper Mate Flair

You can see my full review of these pens here.

Pros: I love the feeling of writing with the Flair pens, and the black ink is nice and saturated.

Cons: Smear easy if you don’t let them dry, and will bleed (or at least ghost) if you go over the same spot more than once.

Uniball Vision Fine

Pros: Smooth writing, vibrant ink.

Cons: Ink pools if you aren’t writing fast enough.

Pentel Energel

Pros: Nice vibrant gel pen.

Cons: None that I’ve found!

Uniball Vision Needle

Pros: Really thin tip size.

Cons: Ink skips a little bit, not the most vibrant black.

Paper Mate Inkjoy

Pros: You can buy these pens anywhere you buy pens, and they’re handy to carry around for quick notes or writing in your spreads.

Cons: Lots of skipping (I have to shake these pen a lot)

Bic Gelocity 0.7

Pros: Smooth writing Gel pen

Cons: Smudges really easily in the LT1917, and takes a long time to dry.

Zebra Sarasa SE 0.7

Pros: This pen writes SO smoothly! I love it. This is my holy grail of gel pens.

Cons: None?

Gelwriter Gel Pen

Pros: These pens are affordable, I got the set of 100 colours at Costco for under $15.

Cons: Take a long time to dry (even for a gel pen).

Gelly Roll

There isn’t anything particularly great or awful about these gel pens in my opinion. It’s the average Joe in the gel pen world (IMO). However, I do know they have quite the following. I don’t have anything against it!

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

Pros: Always one of my go-to’s, I like using this fineliner for creating headers in my bullet journal.

Cons: None!

Staedtler Double Ended Fiber Tip Marker

I found a pack of these markers for such an affordable price at a convenience store!

Pros: Easy to write with.

Cons: The black is more grey (not very saturated colour).

Tombow Mono Drawing Pen

Pros: Smooth writing, very vibrant colour. Comes in a few different sizes which is great for creating layouts in your bullet journal!

Cons: Again, for those who are hardhanded like me the tips wear out easily. However the tips on these Tombow pens are hardier than the Sakura ones.

Crayola Supertips

Read my full review of Crayola Supertips here.

Pros: Vibrant black, great for doodles or headers in your bullet journal. It’s also easy to faux hand letter with them!

Cons: They dry out pretty fast. But, they’re cheap so having to replace them isn’t the end of the world.

Tombow Fudenosuke

Pros: Great hard tip brush pen, my choice for beginners! Very easy to handle.

Cons: None. 🙂

Tombow Dual Brush Pen

Pros: Dual tip means this pen is great for anything in your bullet journal.

Cons: Definitely on the pricier side. The tips do fray if you aren’t careful.

Artists Loft Dual Tip

Pros: Good choice of brush pen if you’re new and don’t want to invest a ton of money into them (looking at you Tombow).

Cons: The ink is a tad watery.

Kelly Creates Brush Pens

Pros: Come is fine, medium, and large brush pen size – super easy to use for any kind of lettering.

Cons: Michaels doesn’t sell them anymore, so I don’t know where to buy them in Canada!

Kelly Creates Dream Pen

Pros: Vibrant ink.

Cons: Hard to handle, I just don’t love it for some reason.

Kelly Creates Fineliner

Pros: Vibrant ink, comes in a few different tip sizes.

Cons: Ghosts a bit more than the other similar pens.

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens

You can see my full review of these pens here.

Pros: They come in multiple sizes (and colours), and handle nicely. Easy to write with and a nice solid black colour.

Cons: None!

As you can see from this roundup there are so many different black pens and markers out there! Be sure to save this post for reference if you’re searching for new pens, and I’ll be updating it when I add to my collection (because clearly I will be doing that at some point – it’s hard to resist the call of new pens)!

BLACK PEN ROUNDUP. Stationery Review of all black pens and markers. #stationeryreview #blackpenreview

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