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I can’t believe I’m sitting down to write my second Blog Traffic and Income Report. It feels like I’ve just started blogging but realistically it has been 2 whole months! I’ve been learning so much along the way, and I’ve made mistakes, and I’m so excited to keep going!

You can read last months blog traffic and income report here. 

I’m going to say right off the bat that I know I haven’t met my goals that I set for myself last month. There is a reason for that though. This month I had an epiphany, decided I wanted to change my blog name so that I could talk about things beyond bullet journaling, and spent about a week switching everything over and changing my branding. Now, because of all of this, my traffic suffered. I knew it would, but I wanted to do the brand change now before I grow even more. It was hard enough to do during month 2 – I can’t imagine doing it with a more established blog!! I did SO much behind the scenes – and I’m excited to see how it will pay off in the months to come.

Now lets jump in to the report! As a reminder I’ve decided to do a blog traffic and income report every month to keep myself accountable, and to be transparent with my readers 🙂 

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Income and Expenses 

Like last month, I’ve spent WAY more than I’ve made. I’m really not focusing on making money right now, and that is not a main goal of my blog. Of course I would love to make a bit here and there to pay for new things for the blog, but I’m not doing this solely to make a full time income. I’m doing this because I love to write and talk to you!


  • I joined Google Adsense about halfway through May – to date I have made $0.42 haha, but it’s an easy way to have a tiny bit of passive income – and I anticipate when my traffic increases I will be seeing a bit more than just cents. 🙂
  • I’ve also joined Amazon Affiliates – I haven’t made any money there as of yet. We will see!


  • Studiopress: I bought a new theme + genesis framework, and it cost me $132.18 (darn Canadian conversion rates!)
  • Dreamhost new domain – 2.64

Haute Stock


Blog Traffic and Income Report: Statistics

  • Blog Views: 444 — Up from 414 last month
  • Blog Visitors: 186 — down from 294 last month
  • Instagram followers: 611 — up from 560 last month
  • Facebook likes: 3 — up from 2 last month
  • Email subscribers: 17 — up from 7 last month
  • Pinterest followers: 11 — up from 4 last month
  • Pinterest impressions: 10.9k — first time tracking this, lets see how it changes next month 🙂
  • Twitter followers: 1 — stayed the same! I don’t use twitter much at all except to share blog posts, where’s my community at on twitter?

I’m really excited to see what June will bring for me! Everything is settled down with the name change, so I really hope to focus this month on creating AWESOME content for you! I’m also working on getting an Etsy shop up and running – and a big goal for myself is to open it up by the end of the summer.

Speaking of Etsy – what type of planner/organization related things would you want to see/buy?! I’d love any feedback I can get! Let me know below in the comments!

Until next time,

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