How are we already half way through 2018? It’s time for another look into my bullet journal monthly setup – this time for June! I hope you find some inspiration here if you’re still getting set up for this month. This month is a busy one for me, work is picking up and I have to dog sit for a couple of weeks.  I’m trying to get a lot of things set up in advance as I don’t think I’ll have much time to sit down and plan, and I don’t want to feel behind!

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bullet journal monthly setup, monthly layout, June, plan with me

June Bullet Journal Monthly Setup

I went a different route in my journal this month – I attempted to draw those geometric crystals/rocks that are all the rage on Pinterest. It was my first time drawing them and I’m honestly pretty happy how they’ve turned out! I also used purple watercolour to fill them in and I really like the effect and depth it gives them.

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I continued the watercolour effect into my monthly calendar this month – I kept it super simple and easy because I know I’m going to be very busy this month!

bullet journal monthly setup, monthly calendar, bujo, bullet journal, watercolourIn case you’re wondering what I use to paint the watercolours I use the following supplies:

Habit & Mood Trackers

I kept my habit and mood trackers fairly simple this month. There are definitely things I don’t like about my habit tracker, but that’s what is great about bullet journaling – you can always flip the page and start again (which I may do if I find I’m not using my habit tracker..) 🙂

bullet journal monthly setup, habit tracker, bullet journal, collection, tracker, planner

Bullet journal monthly setup, mood tracker, bullet journal tracker, bujo, planner

Budget Pages

I also kept my budget pages very simple in this months bullet journal monthly setup. If you look at past setups I’ve done, you’ll know that I like to track all of my spending, and compare my actual money spent to my budgeted amounts. Nothings changed this month! 🙂 The only thing I’m trying to cut down on is careless spending, as I’m really putting a focus on paying of some debt that I gained while in school.

bullet journal monthly setup, finances, budget, bullet journal budget, tracking, collection, planner, bullet journal budget, debt snowballbullet journal monthly setup, bujo expenses, tracker, collection,

What does your June set-up look like? What pages do you like to include in your journal every month?

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