I absolutely love to camp! Growing up in Western Canada our idea of a family vacation was to fill up the trailer, drive to a campsite, and veg out for a week – returning home smelling like campfire.

Now that it’s FINALLY starting to seem like spring around here, I decided I wanted to integrate my love for camping (and all the planning behind it) into my bullet journal!

Your bullet journal is perfect for planning a camping trip – I included a list of sites I want to visit, and a reusable checklist – but you could include so many things. Your daily pages in your bullet journal is also perfect for writing WHILE you are camping! You could include what you did, what you ate, and if you have a Polaroid or smartphone printer you could attach pictures of your adventures.

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“Camping in a trailer isn’t camping”… I disagree!

I also would like to say that some people will say that you aren’t actually camping if you aren’t in a tent or just under the stars – I say that’s wrong! Of course I’ve camped in a tent, but I’ve also camped in a trailer with a bathroom, and I’m here to tell you that they are both camping. Don’t let the haters get you down! This year I’m going to be camping in a small revamped tent trailer that my boyfriend worked on this winter – all it has inside is a mattress and some shelving for clothes and personal things. I love spending my time reading by the fire, or out hiking/swimming, while I camp so I rarely spend time inside. We do have a tent cover so that if it’s ever super rainy we can sit under there and play cards 🙂

Campsite Reference List:

Living on Vancouver Island there is no shortage of campsites, so this year I wanted to do up a quick reference list of the site name and the nightly cost so that if we ever impulsively decide to go camping for a night I’ll know what there is, and how much cash we will need when we get there (it is camping after all.. I doubt they take Apple Pay 😉 )

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Camping Packing list

Next I included a packing list for all of the supplies I use every time I go camping, as well as any clothes or personal belongings I want to remember. I’m going to use this as a reusable checklist this season – I’ll check things off in pencil, that way I can erase and reuse for the next trip.

You’ll notice that I haven’t included any food in this list – that’s because what food we bring differs on the trip, or the length of the trip. Once I’ve decided that we are going to go camping for say a weekend, I’ll create a meal plan for those couple nights, write up a grocery list, and then pack food accordingly. I likely would incorporate these pages into my weekly/daily pages. For more spread ideas check out my April Plan With Me post.

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Meal Plan/Snack Ideas for Camping

The last 2 pages I have in my camping collection are my lists of meal and snack ideas. I’m keeping these as running lists so that when I think of an idea of a meal that is easy to prepare while camping, or snacks that are portable and convenient I have an easy way to reference them when I’m meal planning for my next trip.

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How do you incorporate camping in to your bullet journal? what are your favourite meals and snacks to have while camping? let me know below in the comments!

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