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One of my all time favourite supplies for my bullet journal would have to be my Crayola supertips. They are extremely versatile, and there are just a multitude of ways to use Crayola supertips in your bullet journal. Wanna know another thing that rocks about Crayola supertips? They’re stinkin’ cheap! Seriously. I grabbed the 100 pack (100 different colours?! Yes please!) for only $15. You’d be hard pressed to find another brand of marker for that cheap.

You must be thinking, if they’re that cheap.. don’t they suck? Nope! I’ve had mine for about a year and they’re still kicking. I also get so much use out of them with my journal, colouring, and other crafts, that if they were to quit on me this year I’d run to the store and get another pack.

I absolutely love my supertips, so I’ve compiled a list of my 7 favourite ways to use Crayola Supertips in my bullet journal.

Crayola Supertips in your bullet journal. stationery, pen review, bujo ideas

7 Ways To Use Crayola Supertips In Your Bullet Journal

1. Writing Your Days of the Week

I love using my supertips for hand lettering days of the week and other header text in my bullet journal. As you can see from the photo below you can do faux calligraphy with them, use them as background behind text, and more! If you’re interested in learning more about faux calligraphy with supertips Shelby from Little Coffee Fox has a great tutorial. Supertips are a great substitute for the effects you can create with brush pens, like Tombow Dual Brush Pens, for a fraction of the cost. 

crayola supertips in your bullet journal, faux calligraphy, bullet journal, hand lettering

2. Banners

Supertips are also great to use for designing banners and other header images when setting up your weekly or daily layouts. Their wide range of colours provides for almost endless choices and opportunity!

3. Dividers

I also love to use my Supertips to create dividers – Pinterest is a cornucopia of ideas when it comes to divider and banner designs! You’re sure to find something that would look good in your journal.

7 ways to use crayola supertips in your bullet journal, journal design, bullet journal headers, lettering

4. Wreath

Supertips are great for designing wreaths and frames as well! Depending on how you hold the marker they have a thin or thick side that makes designing objects a breeze.

5. Corners

Looking for a way to add a little bit of colour to your journal pages? I love to create corners with my supertips – they can add a little splash of colour to a productive weekly spread. 🙂

6. Arrows

Arrows are all the rage right now – and you can, of course, design them using your super tips! Arrows look great in all types of spreads, including as a divider or underlining a title.

7 ways to use crayola supertips in your bullet journal, hand lettering, design, bujo

7. Weather Symbols 

The last way I like to use Supertips in my journal is to design weather symbols. It’s fun to include the weather forecast on your weekly spread, and the wide range of colour options makes doodling any type of weather a breeze.

Those are the 7 ways I like to use my Crayola Supertips in my bullet journal. There are so many options, and for such a cheap price, they are definitely a staple when it comes to bullet journal supplies!

Do you use Supertips in your journal? I would love to hear how! Let me know below in the comments. 🙂

7 Ways to use crayola supertips in your bullet journal, bullet journal ideas, stationery


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