I have been blogging for over 5 months now, and I have tried a fair amount of tools in that short time. In todays post I wanted to share with you my favourite blogging tools right now! If you’re a blogger, I’d love to hear what tools you use – let me know below in the comments. 🙂

| MY FAVOURITE BLOGGING TOOLS | Tools for bloggers, blogging resources, favourite tools for blogging, creative bloggers, lifestyle blogging


I purchased my domain name, and my hosting, through Dreamhost. I have had good experiences with them so far – there was one hiccup where my blog was down for about an hour, but they quickly mediated the situation and they credited my account with one day. If you’re looking for a new hosting provider, or looking to start a blog for the first time, sign up for Dreamhost here – you’ll even get 50$ off for using my link!


This blog is currently running the Genesis Framework and Pretty Chic theme which I purchased through StudioPress. The Genesis Framework is fantastic – I love the freedom it gives me to arrange my website in a unique and individual way!

Email Marketing

I currently use Mailchimp for my email marketing. I find it fairly user friendly (I was able to pick up on things quite quick), and it allows me to automate email sequences and create landing pages. My biggest motivator for going with Mailchimp currently was the fact that it is FREE. Yes, free! As I am still growing my blog I didn’t want to have to pay tons of money every month for an email service provider, when I didn’t have many subscribers. Mailchimp is free up to 1000 subscribers, so it allows you to really discover what works for you and grow an audience without sacrificing tons of money.

Editorial Calendar

I am currently using an electronic editorial calendar I created through Asana. Asana is a great to-do list tool, and it’s allowed me to stay accountable to my self-set deadlines and publishing dates. I use my bullet journal for daily to-do lists, and Asana is a great companion tool for blog tasks and important deadlines.

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Social Media Scheduling


For my instagram posts, I use Later. It is an user-friendly scheduling service that allows me to schedule up to 30 instagram posts a month FOR FREE!! You can set it up to auto publish or it can send a notification to your phone to remind you that it is time to post.


I am not super active on twitter, but I try to log on for 10-15 minutes a day to interact with other bloggers and people in my niche. I also promote my blog posts on my twitter account, and to set those up I use either Later (same as instagram!) or Twuffer. These both allow you to schedule a certain amount of monthly tweets for free, and as I do not tweet more than once or twice a day, the free versions have been fantastic.


I am slowly growing my facebook page and I try to share other bloggers posts at least once a day. For scheduling my Facebook posts I use the built in schedule on Facebook – pretty simple!


Ahhh pinterest. I get the majority of my traffic here, thank you Pinterest gods! I do all of my Pinterest scheduling through Tailwind. I am also a member of Tailwind tribes which allows me to find other bloggers pins in my niche – it’s fantastic! If you are wanting to test it out you can get a free month of Tailwind by signing up through my link here. 🙂

I have my very own Pinterest Tribe I would love you to join called Bullet Journaling, Digital Planning, and Productivity. You can join here!

| MY FAVOURITE BLOGGING TOOLS | Tools for bloggers, blogging resources, favourite tools for blogging, creative bloggers, lifestyle blogging

Those are all of the tools I’m currently using for blogging. What tools do you like to use? Let me know!

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