Hey there! I’m excited about a new instalment here on Zigzags & Zebras in 2019 which is diving into the free resources that I add to the resource library.

If you’re new here, you’ll want to know that I add a free resource to The Zoo every single Wednesday. If you aren’t a member, you can sign up right here! (p.s. it’s completely free). 

The first resource of 2019 is a great one page daily planning printable! Printing one of these out (or adding it to your digital planner) is a great way to tone in on your daily priorities and to-do list to get everything done.

This printable includes space to write down your schedule for the day (time blockers rejoice!), a spot to list out your priorities for the day to ensure focus, and finally a space to write down your tasks for the day. The simple black and white layout allows for minimal distractions (and strain on your printer)!

I personally use this printable hand in hand with my bullet journal, I print one of these bad boys out in the morning and brain dump my day onto the sheet. I’ve found since I’ve started using it I am so much more focused, and I can cross so much off my to do list every day!

Grab Your Free Daily Planning Printable By Clicking Here!


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