In today’s post, I wanted to answer a question I’ve heard before – and that is what printer do you use?! I, of course, have my free resource library full of printables, and I print and cut stickers for my Etsy shop so I definitely needed to invest in a printer. Let’s dive into why the HP Envy 4520 is my favourite affordable printer so far!My favourite printer for planner printables and my Etsy shop. HP Envy 4520 Review #printables #printer

HP Envy 4520 Printer Review

I’ve definitely always been an HP girl – my parents had HP printers growing up, and that’s the only type of printer I’ve ever purchased. So I’ll start by saying that I have not ever used a Canon printer – and I, unfortunately, can’t speak to the quality, although I’ve heard good things! I will also preface this by saying I have never personally owned a laser printer, so it’s all about the inkjets over here. There are a couple of reasons why I really like HP printers, let’s dig deeper.

#1: Affordability

Printers can range in price – you can get them for $30 and you can get them for upwards of $300. I like the Envy 4520 because it is under $100, and when you can snag it on sale (like I did) it can be under $50.

I always find that ink is the most expensive part of owning a printer (oftentimes you can just buy a new printer for cheaper), which is why reason number 2 of owning an HP printer is the bomb.

#2: Instant Ink!

Like I mentioned up above buying ink for your printer can really hurt your wallet. My all-time favourite thing about HP has to be the HP Instant Ink service. Basically, you select how much you print a month (I have the top plan of 300 pages), and your printer lets them know when you are running low on ink – and it shows up at your door. It doesn’t matter if you’re printing full colour, or if you’re printing black and white. 300 page is 300 pages, the cost does not change.

Here in Canada, I have the 300 page/month plan and it costs me $10.99 a month. That’s the price of two coffee’s to be able to print 300 pages of full colour. If you don’t print as much they also have plans for 50 pages a month, or 100 pages/month. My pages also roll-over so even if I don’t quite use the 300 one month, I don’t just lose those pages.

I also love that I never need to keep an eye on my ink levels, so I never need to worry about needing to fulfil an order on Etsy and not having an ink. HP Instant Ink always makes sure I have more ink before I run out. If you have an HP printer and want to try out this service you can get one month for free by clicking here.

Specific reasons why I love the HP Envy 4520:

There are a few things about this specific model of HP printer that I really enjoy.

  1. Firstly, like most printers nowadays it is wireless. I leave it sitting on my shelf and when I want to print something from my laptop or phone I can send it straight through.
  2. It can do everything a printer should be able to do: print, copy, and scan. It also can print double-sided without me needing to put the paper back in the printer – it does it all the first time around. The colours come out vividly on the paper – I really don’t have any complaints!
  3. Touchscreen display – I can go through the options on the printer easily, and there are also tutorials on the screen of the printer if there’s ever something I don’t know.
  4. This final reason is purely superficial, but I really like the look of the printer – it is compact and all black so it isn’t an eyesore. It also prints quite quiet so I don’t need to worry about waking anyone up if I’m printing at 4 in the morning.

Overall, I went through a few different printers before I landed on this one – and I don’t think I’ll be replacing it anytime soon! I have heard good things about laser printers so perhaps I will invest in one in the future, but for now, I’m happy with what I’ve got!

My favourite printer for planner printables and my Etsy shop. HP Envy 4520 Review #printables #printer

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