You guys, I’ve been blogging now for 3 whole months! Where does the time go?! I’ve had SO much fun – and I hope you have had fun following along! Since we’ve just hit the 3 month mark, it’s time for another blog traffic report 🙂

I hope that you enjoy reading this, as it’s a way to keep myself accountable and to be transparent in all aspects of blogging and my business!

July Blog Traffic Report, Traffic and Income Report, Blogging, New Blogger

Last month my statistics suffered a little bit as a lot of my time was spent adjusting to the new site and getting everything transitioned. I am so happy to say that this month was absolutely amazing – I’m still in shock! I set a big goal for myself at the end of last month to really focus on consistency and growing my traffic. I used a couple different social media schedulers which really helped to automate my advertising, leaving time to create content!

One other thing that I’ve started this month is The Zoo has officially launched! It’s a exclusive place here on the blog for email subscribers to get free printables and resources – I’m adding a new one every single week! Not signed up yet? Sign up here!

Social Media Tools I Use:

Tailwind – I use Tailwind for automating all my pinterest scheduling, I love it! P.s. if you click that link and sign up you will receive account credit towards one of their paid plans!

Later – I use later to schedule all of my instagram posts, it’s a free program which is fantastic, it doesn’t have any suggestions for ideal times to post but on instagram I don’t find that to be an issue and my posts are still performing as well as they were when I was manually uploading 🙂

Twuffer – Twuffer is another free program I use to schedule my twitter account. I don’t see much traffic on twitter but it’s still fun and with an automated program I don’t feel like I’m waisting any time!

Blog Traffic Report Statistics:

Blog Views: 3323 compared to 444 last month

Blog Visitors: 2331compared to 186 last month

Instagram Followers: 653 compared to 611 last month

Facebook Likes: 4compared to 3 last month

Email Subscribers: 50 compared to 17 last month

Pinterest Followers: 36 compared to 11 last month

Pinterest Impressions: 139.1k compared to 10.9k last month

Twitter Followers: 10 compared to 1 last month

Income & Expenses Report:

This month I didn’t need to spend any money on my blog, which was nice! I have officially signed up for Tailwind Pro so I will be billed for that next month, but I was still on the last leg of all my free trials this month!

As for income, I’m not a millionaire, haha. I’m not disappointed though! I know it takes time to grow an income with a blog, and I am just happy that I’ve got any sort of traffic honestly! Currently for income streams I belong to Amazon Associates, and I use Google Adsense. I haven’t had any income from Amazon Associates yet, but I have had an increasing number of clicks on my amazon links so I hope soon 🙂 As for Adsense, I’m also seeing a growing number there – it’s not excessive by any means, this month I earned $1.92, but it’s heading in the right direction!

Goals for August

I’m really happy with how things have gone this month! Here are my top three goals for next month:

  1. Increase my email list to 100
  2. Consistently schedule and post daily to all social media channels
  3. Work on setting up my online shop!

That’s it for this month’s blog traffic report – what types of goals do you set for yourself in your online business? Let me know below in the comments!

July Blog Traffic Report, Traffic and Income Report, Blogging, New Blogger



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