Digital planner setup, monthly setup, plan with me, digital bullet journal

It’s official. I’ve caught the digital planning bug. I initially caught wind of digital planning from Kara Benz over at Boho Berry, and I’ve been inhaling any information I could find about it ever since. I wanted to share my digital planner setup with you this month, because I’m just having so much fun!

If you enjoy this digital planner setup post please let me know below in the comments – it may be something that I start to include as a monthly instalment here on the blog 🙂

Apps/Supplies I used in this month’s digital planner setup:

  • 2018 Ipad 9.7″
  • Apple Pencil
  • Goodnotes 4
  • Procreate
  • Keynote
  • Vectornator
  • Freebies from Hungry JPEG

I’ve included pages that I think will remain consistent while digital planning each month. I have included:

  • Monthly calendar
  • habit + mood tracker
  • Weekly spread

The one thing that I LOVE about digital planning is the flexibility to add more pages WHEREVER you want! It’s fantastic guys. I do still absolutely adore my paper planner (I won’t be stopping that one anytime soon), but I have enjoyed the lack of anxiety surrounding needing to add pages. Also, if you make a mistake you can just click the back button. It’s amazing.

Digital Planning Setup, monthly setup, digital bullet journal

I created my planner in Keynote on my iPad, and created hyperlinks so that all my tabs are clickable once inputed into Goodnotes. You’ll also see that I have another tab open in Goodnotes which is my sticker book, it will be another post for another time but basically it includes “stickers”, or images, that I like to use in my planner.

Digital Planner Setup, monthly setup, digital bullet journal

I’m not that happy with my habit tracker in my digital planner, but I will keep practicing and I’m excited to see how I progress. If you can’t tell, I’m Canadian, and I’ve gone with a Canada Day theme this month in my journal. I’ve included 31 maple leafs for my mood tracker this month – I will fill in each leaf with a colour every day that corresponds to my mood. 🙂

Digital Planner Setup, Monthly Setup, Weekly Setup, Digital Bullet Journal

I’ve kept my weekly spreads super basic and open to interpretation. I added a daily time log because I’m starting to integrate calendar blocking into my planning routine. I’ve found that I spend a lot of time doing nothing, so I’m trying to schedule my time purposefully to get more done! I’m hoping to write a post soon on how I am calendar/time blocking so keep your eyes open for that.

Digital Planner Setup, digital bullet journal, monthly setup, weekly setup

So that’s my July Digital Planner Setup. Have you started digital planning? How do you like it? Let me know below in the comments!

If you are a paper planner true and true don’t worry – but paper bullet journal plan with me will be up later this week!

Digital Planner setup, digital planning, digital bullet journal

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