Hi everyone, I hope you’re staying healthy and safe. I know how hard it can be when you feel isolated and I wanted to let you know that I’m here if you ever need anyone to talk to.

I’m excited to share the first ‘room’ in my GMST organization series: the kitchen! This one took me 2 days to fully declutter and clean and I am SO happy with the results. Let’s dive into what I’ve done, and of course I’ve got some before & after photos.

The GMST Organization Series: Kitchen

One reason I wanted to share my organization and cleaning adventures with you is because I don’t often see areas like mine when browsing Pinterest or YouTube. We live in a small house and I have very minimal kitchen space. That can make it SO hard to productively organize. I love browsing organization inspiration but it can be a bit deflating to see beautiful huge kitchens perfectly organized when I had stuff jammed into my 5 cupboards.

My hope is that if you have a small living space you’ll benefit from seeing how I organized my kitchen and the rest of my house! In no way did I do a perfect job, and I don’t have perfectly defined spaces, since I just don’t have the room to have everything split apart. Let’s dive in.

What I Did:

My goal in doing this way to have a more functional kitchen, and to also do a deep clean. We rent so any type of painting, or remodelling is out of the question – I’ve got to work with what I’ve got! When we moved in November the oven wasn’t that clean so that was top of my list. Here’s a run down of what I did when decluttering/deep cleaning the kitchen:

  • Cleaned out and scrubbed the oven – so much elbow grease ya’ll
  • I cleaned the hood fan above the stove (the screen was I think a fire hazard it was so greasy 🤢)
  • Wiped off the stove, cleaned the element cover things (idk what they’re called lol!) and replaced my disposable drip catchers.
  • I pulled everything out of the cupboards (yep all at once) so that I could see what I have – I disposed of anything broken (think cracked Tupperware) and made a small pile of things to donate (when the pandemic is over).
  • I wiped out and cleaned the exterior of each cupboard – I have a spray bottle with vinegar and then I wiped it out with a damp cloth.
  • I cleaned off my metal stand (see below photos) and wiped all appliances. I also watered all the plants in the kitchen.
  • FINALLY tackled the junk drawer – how did so much crap fit in there?!
  • Tidied up the instant pot cart – that had become a catch all space for anything I wanted to take downstairs AND THEN NEVER DID. I cleaned it out, and it is now solely for my instant pot, and other kitchen type things. I also kept a space on the cart of tools (screwdriver, etc) since we don’t have a garage.
  • Organized the pantry, fridge, and freezer. I got rid of anything expired, empty, or freezer burnt.
  • I washed the inside of all windows, cleaned the baseboards, and wiped the walls
  • I put everything back in the cupboards in a slightly more organized way – again, note I have like zero space so I’m working with what I’ve been given!
  • I cleaned the counters and the sink
  • I swept the floor and swiferred (is that a word? I’m making it one) the floors

Now: onto the before and after photos!

Overview: BEFORE 

Overview: AFTER 

Instant Pot Cart: Before

Instant Pot Cart: After

I moved the cart by the island, and decided to put my Monstera on the floor and used the small table to hold my produce stand.


Fridge, Freezer & Pantry: Before

Fridge, Freezer, and Pantry: After

Metal Shelf: Before

I thought I got a more direct photo from before but I guess not!

Metal Shelf: After

I love this shelf SO MUCH! I got it from Costco for around $70 Canadian a few years ago.

Cupboards & Drawers: Before





Cupboards & Drawers: After





Island/Stand: Before


Island/Stand: After



I am probably not alone in wanting to find ways to feel in control, when so much in the world right now feels out of control. Personally I find cleaning and organizing as a way to ease my anxiety and help me feel more put together. I’m hoping that by sharing this series of ‘getting my shit together’ that it helps you find peace in such a tough time, inspires you to also clean or organize, or simply gives you something to read that isn’t the news!



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