I’m a morning person in the sense that I am generally in bed well before 10:00 pm on a weeknight (and weekend). My morning routine, however, was lacking for the longest time. I would wake up at a decent hour but I wouldn’t feel productive. I would leave for work mind racing, feeling like I had one million things I should have gotten done. It got to the point where I was so stressed out throughout the day, and I would get home at night with no energy, that I knew I needed to create a routine for myself to follow in the morning. Cue the use of my bullet journal!  

My Morning Routine:

morning routine, bullet journal, bujo, routine, planning, organization

Morning Routine in Bullet Journal

Prior to the layout that you see in the above photo, I brainstormed what I wanted my morning to look like, and the things I wanted to accomplish every morning. I decided to lay out my top goals/priorities every morning, and then I integrated those into a time log. You’ll notice that I have two different lists for priorities and schedules – that’s because my mornings typically look vastly different between work days and weekends.

My Workday Morning Routine

morning routine, priorities, goals, schedule, bullet journal, planning

My Morning Routine

I laid out my top priorities for my mornings on the days I need to work:

  1. Exercise
  2. Get ready for work (shower, change, hair, make-up)
  3. Eat breakfast – if coffee counts I’ve been golden, however I don’t think it works like that…
  4. Journal/Planning
  5. Blogging

Then underneath my priorities I list My Ideal Morning – an idea I saw from people’s “ideal day” posts on Instagram/Pinterest.

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My Ideal Morning – Weekday Edition

I have always been an early riser, if I’m in bed past 7 or 8am I feel like my whole day is shot. Not the most positive thinking I know, I just really like to maximize my morning productivity.

My goal for weekday mornings is to wake up at 4:00am. I like to slowly wake up, so I’ve set my alarm for 4 allowing me time to stretch in bed, lay there for a bit, and then get up and drink a glass of water (check out this research which shows why drinking a glass first thing is super important).

morning routine, bullet journal, routine, planning, organization, productivity

My Morning Routine

Next on my routine I schedule time for 30 minutes of exercise, whether it’s going for a run or following along to an exercise video.

After that it’s pretty straight forward, I get dressed and ready for work, and make myself eat some breakfast. I’m awful for eating breakfast because I never feel hungry when I wake up (cue the growling stomach at 11am). I love myself a big cup of coffee first thing, but eating food is tough for me. I’m working on it! If you have any great breakfast recipes or ideas please let me know below in the comments!

Next after breakfast I do a quick tidy. With whatever time I have left after I work on my journal/planning and any things I need to do in regards to my blog. I start work at 8:30 every day so I leave my house around 7:45am (rush hour traffic is the best 😉 ).

My Weekend Morning Routine

morning routine, planning, bullet journal, bujo, organization, productivity, routine

My Morning Routine

My morning routine on the weekend is clearly more relaxed. I don’t necessarily set an alarm, since I generally will wake up by 7 naturally. I’m trying to integrate a bit of exercise into my mornings, especially since I can walk to the ocean in 5 minutes – what better way to start off a weekend then by watching the waves?

I also give myself a good chunk of time to do a big clean. Things stay fairly tidy during the week, so my weekend mornings are typically focused on vacuuming, and doing more of a deep clean of things – as opposed to putting away clutter.

Breakfast is also easier on the weekend because I can push it a bit later in the morning. The rest of my mornings typically involve my journal, some planning, and of course work on my blog.

What does your morning typically look like? Does it differ during the week as opposed to the weekends? Let me know below in the comments 🙂

Morning Routine - My Morning Routine - Bullet Journal - Bujo - Routine - Planning - Productivity - Organization

My Morning Routine

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