If you know me you know that I love hockey – I grew up in Canada after all. My favourite team is the Vancouver Canucks but they *ahem* didn’t make it into the playoffs. I also love to Bullet Journal, so this year I figured what better what to integrate interests than to make a Stanley Cup Playoffs Spread in my Bullet Journal! I didn’t do anything excessive – I’ve seen some BEAUTIFUL sports tracking spreads – this was more of a just for fun way for me to keep track off which teams were progressing throughout the cup.


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Stanley Cup Bracket Spread

The first of 2 spreads I included for the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup was my bracket – which team I think may win the cup. I cut the team logo’s from the bracket on the NHL website here, I was feeling lazy and I didn’t want to commit the hours it would take to draw out each logo by hand. I used my Crayola Super Tips for the drawing of the Stanley cup, and my Kelly Creates Brush Pen, Fine Tip in Black for the hand lettering. When I took this photo I had to include my Vancouver Canucks shirt since they didn’t make it into the playoffs – but still deserve a lot of love.

Game tracking

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The next, and final, page that I included in my bullet journal was the playoff schedule. So far as you can see I’ve also included the first round of the playoffs, and up until game 4. That is because it doesn’t always go on to a game 5 (as the games are best of 7) so I will just continue adding the schedule as appropriate!

I’ve left room beside each game so that I can put in the final score after each and track how each team is doing. If anyone was wondering I have included these spreads in my Daily Bullet Journal as opposed to my Collections Journal since the playoffs don’t last longer than I anticipate my daily journal will. I also don’t think I will have a need to reference these spreads after the playoffs end, so I don’t want them taking up valuable collection journal space. If you are interested in seeing more about my setup please take a look here, and let me know what you think!

stanley cup playoff tracker, bullet journal, journal tracker, collection


I would love to see how you track any sporting events/playoffs in your bullet journal! Connect with me on instagram, like my new facebook page and send me a message, or sign up for my email list – I’d love to chat!

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