The end of September wrapped up my fifth month of blogging! It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for almost half a year already. I’m learnt so much, been able to talk to so many people, and found a great creative outlet! If you’re interested to see how September went here on the blog, keep reading for the September blog traffic report.

| SEPTEMBER BLOG TRAFFIC REPORT | Blogging Report, Blogging Goals, New Blogger, Blogging Statistics

September Blog Traffic Report

Traffic slowed down a bit in September, which is somewhat disappointing but I’m not going to let it get me down! September was a crazy month for a lot of people, with the end of summer, and school starting back up again.

I added lots of new content last month! Here are the top 3 most popular posts from September:


Blog views: 2,937 up from 2464

Unique Monthly Visitors: 2046 down from 2271

Instagram Followers: 748 from 722

Facebook Likes: 22 from 19

Email Subscribers: 144 from 115

Pinterest Followers: 194 from 147

Pinterest Impressions: 2.3 from 4.1 million

Twitter Followers: 77 from 69

Reflecting on my goals for September.. 

I’ve been definitely doing lots of brainstorming behind the scenes here in regards to setting up my Etsy shop! I really don’t want to jump the gun and be scrambling to fix anything, so I think a better goal for launch will be the beginning fo 2019. That way I can make sure I have tons of products that you might be interested in! If you have anything you would like to see in my shop be sure to let me know below in the comments – I’ll try my hardest to make that a reality.

I didn’t reach 200 email subscribers, but the number is steadily going up which I am happy about! Have you signed up yet? You receive my weekly newsletter as well as access to The Zoo (my 100% free resource library!). Sign up here!

October Goals: 

  • Continue working on creating content for Etsy! I’m also planning on creating a 2019 printable calendar which I’m going to release for free to my email subscribers. Keep your eye out for that!
  • Reach 800 instagram followers
  • Increase my email list by 30 more people!

| SEPTEMBER BLOG TRAFFIC REPORT | Blogging Report, Blogging Goals, New Blogger, Blogging Statistics
What types of goals are you setting for October? Let me know below!




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