This week has inadvertently been a week of talking about goal setting at Zigzags & Zebras! From my 101 in 1001, my free goal setting printable, to today: how I went about setting 2019 goals.

How to set purposeful goals. Setting 2019 Goals. #goalsetting #timemanagement #productivity

Setting 2019 Goals

First things first, if you haven’t set your 2019 goals (and don’t worry it isn’t too late!) you’ll want to grab my free goal setting printable from The Zoo resource library. This is the exact same resource that I used when setting my goals for this year!

I printed out 3 copies of the printable and I got ready to do some brainstorming! In today’s post, I want to walk you through what my goals are for 2019; for more info about how I use the printable check out this post.

You are of course welcome to set as many goals as you want, but I typically only set 3-4 across all aspects of my life – any more, and personally, I feel overwhelmed and like there is too much to focus on but not enough time to achieve them.

How to set purposeful goals. Setting 2019 Goals. #goalsetting #timemanagement #productivity

Goal #1: Make my first $150 through Etsy

My first big goal is to make my first $150 on Etsy in 2019. I set a specific monetary value so that I know when I have achieved this goal. However, it isn’t enough to just set the goal and leave it at that – hoping that it will be accomplished with no additional effort on my part.

So, I broke it down. I listed bigger accomplishments that would need to happen on the road to this goal, things like: 

  • Launch my shop (can’t make money if it’s not open!) – p.s. I launched just before January 1, 2019. I’d love for you to check out the shop here. Grab yourself a planner printable, or some stickers – you deserve it!
  • Have 10 listings by the end of January 2019
  • Make my first sale

All of those bullet points are necessary for achieving my bigger goal. However, I wanted to break it down even more (the planner & type A in me is coming out!)

In order to launch my shop, some things I need to do:

  • Decide on a shop name –> I went with ZigzagsAndZebrasCo, to remain cohesive with my brand here and across social media.
  • Design a logo
  • Create some products

And in order to have 10 listings, some things I want to do: 

  • Invest in a designing software to create stickers & printables (I decided to go with Affinity Designer after some research). If you are interested in how I use Affinity Designer please let me know and I can make a post about it!
  • Brainstorm product ideas
  • Design the products
  • Test the products

You see?! By creating a large goal, and breaking it down into more manageable chunks, I am able to work my way through my goals in a way that feels like I am actually getting things done.

How to set purposeful goals. Setting 2019 Goals. #goalsetting #timemanagement #productivity

Goal #2: Run 2k

My second goal revolves around my health and fitness. This is something I have really struggled with in 2018 and I am feeling the effects of it now. I am so tired all the time, and I know it is because I have been eating poorly and not exercising.

So, I have decided to set a goal that I will be able to run 2k by the end of the year.

Breaking this goal down, I know that I will need to start an exercise routine to be able to run 2k. As well, in order to run a 2k, I also need to be eating well and giving my body the nutrients that it needs. So, I am breaking the goal down to say that I will start meal planning and prepping, and gathering healthy recipes to cook.

I have also set smaller goals to pack healthy snacks to work and when I am out and about, as well as carry around a water bottle with me so that I am not tempted to stop and grab a sugary drink when thirsty.

By adding all these small habits into my life I will be getting closer to my big goal – being able to run a 2k!

Goal #3: Pay off $2000 of additional debt

My final goal is to do with my finances. I want to pay off $2000 of debt (above my minimum or required payments) this year.

Breaking this goal down I added milestones like:

  • Create a budget for 2019
  • Follow a monthly budget in my bullet journal
  • Track my expenses monthly
  • Use cash envelopes to avoid unnecessary spending
  • Start a sinking fund for upcoming expenses

Wow, that’s a lot for 2019!

I hope that by listing out what my goals are, and the way I am breaking them down, is useful to you for setting your own goals! Don’t forget to snag the free goal setting printable here. 🙂

How to set purposeful goals. Setting 2019 Goals. #goalsetting #timemanagement #productivity



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