Well Hello there! I am excited to introduce a new series here on Zigzags & Zebras that I’m hoping will help fill the void of being home all. the. time. now. In all seriousness I am thinking of each and every one of you, and I hope you are staying safe and healthy. I’d love for you to join along with me as I declutter and organize my life – I’ll be linking to all my projects within this post!

But Jessica – What is the “Get My Shit Together” Organization Series?

I was trying to brainstorm names for what I would call this cluster of projects, and it all narrowed down to wanting to get my shit together. 🧠 I will apologize in advance for the language. Funny enough I had a week booked off from my day job where I was planning on working on all these projects and getting organized. The world decided to implode, yet I’m still using this time to clean and organize because I think it will set me up for success in the future!

Part of the reason I’ve struggled with my productivity and drive to get things done is, I truly believe, because of all the clutter. The physical clutter is resulting in mental clutter and whoops I’ve just watched 10 hours of netflix. Not ideal my friends.

In short this series will be a compilation of the PAGES of tasks I created for myself in an effort to get organized and clear all that physical clutter.

What you can expect in this series:

I’m going to be sharing before and after photos of each space that I am organizing. I’ll be talking about what I did, why I wanted to work on that space, how I cleaned, and probably some more about my feelings.

A quick note – I live in a fairly small space with my boyfriend (like under 1000 square feet). We have no children so I won’t be sharing anything about organizing children’s things, or trying to clean with kids running around. I am #blessed to be free of that right now and I acknowledge that! I know there are PLENTY of bloggers out there with huge families and they somehow manage to clean (???) so please look to them for advice with the kiddos if that’s what you’re looking for.

I’ve broken this series up into seven parts, which will be linked below as they become completed! I am not planning on buying anything during this series (since ya know we shouldn’t really be leaving the house) so I’ll be organizing and cleaning on a budget 👍

  1. THE KITCHEN! I wanted to tackle the kitchen first since we spend a lot of our time there, and I am guaranteed to use that space at least once a day.
  2. BATHROOM – I have WAY TO MUCH bathroom stuff so this will be a huge purge of expired/half used products.
  3. LIVING ROOM – Our living room is holding a bunch of junk from other spaces – once that gets cleared out it can return to my cozy Netflix cave.
  4. BEDROOM – Where did that shirt go?? Let’s hope I can find it!
  5. OFFICE – If I’m wanting to get back on track with my blog and sticker business I need to have an organized clutter-free work space (right now it’s hard for me to even go into the room – I’m not into that).
  6. ~OUTSIDE/OTHER~ (I had a bunch of misc tasks that didn’t really fit into a specific room category so I’m dumping them all in this catch all category)
  7. DIGITAL – I’m excited to share how I’m organizing my digital files!

Let’s get cleaning!

I’d love for you to clean and organize along with me. Tag me on Instagram @zigzagsandzebras so I can be inspired by your cleaning & decluttering adventures!

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