My friends at Ultimate Bundles have released a new bundle, and I have to say that this is honestly the bundle I am the most excited about! I love all things planning & productivity, so working through The Ultimate Productivity Bundle review has been extremely exciting.

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle Review #ultimateproductivitybundle

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle Review

I don’t think I will ever say that my productivity/planning system is perfect, so I am always open to learning more about time management systems & productivity tips and tricks. The Ultimate Productivity Bundle has provided me with a plethora of information, and all for a price so affordable it could make you do a double take.

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If you are struggling with your productivity/planning system, I strongly recommend taking a look at The Ultimate Productivity Bundle! I’ve included my honest opinion about all of the products within the bundle below. I do this so that you can make sure the purchase is right for you, although I’ll note that if even 2 products are interesting to you then the bundle is absolutely worth your money!

I’ve listed all the included products below, and I’ll be updating with my feedback as I work my way through the products.

Interested in purchasing? You can get this bundle for just $1,506.90  $37.00 from February 20th 2019 – February 25th 2019!

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The Products:

Daily Planners

Daily Planners inside the bundle

Beyond Blessed Life Planner for Christian Women

This planner is created by Ana Willis of “They Call Me Blessed”, and has a value of $17.00. She includes various planning pages (monthly & weekly) as well as other ‘collection’ type planners like meal planning, cleaning, and bible related trackers.

In my opinion, I won’t be diving into this planner solely because I am not religious. If you are, then I’m sure you’ll benefit from this planner!

I Heart Productivity Pack

This is a collection of over 200 printable pages from Laura Smith of I Heart Planners, which has a retail value of $34.00. It includes printables that help with goal setting, list taking, and weekly and daily planning.

Planner ePlanner

This is a collection of planners by ListPlanIt, and it retails for $10.00. It includes planners ranging from: monthly, daily, weekly, to-do lists, family related lists, and yearly planners.

Simply Scheduled Workbook

This workbook was created by Julianna Poplin of The Simplicity Habit. It has a value of $27, and includes idea/task lists, meal planning, grocery shopping, creating routines, and daily/weekly/monthly planners.

The Planner Obsessed™ Planner

This planner is created by Carlie & Hannah Kercheval of Planner Obsessed and is worth $15.00. It includes undated calendars, trackers, goal setting, worksheets, meal planning, cleaning trackers, and more!

The S.O.S. Planner

This planner is created by Kayse Pratt of Anchored Women. It has a value of $29.00 and includes over 550 printable pages geared towards Christian women.

Again, in my opinion, I won’t be digging deeper into this resource as I’m not religious. If you are then I’m sure you’ll find a ton of value in all those pages!

The Wannabe Bullet Journal

This planner is created by Ronni Peck of The Screenwriter’s Wife and is worth $4.99. It includes various 2019 calendars while also giving you the flexibility to create your own pages like a bullet journal.

Thrive with Chronic Illness Planner & Journal

This planner is created by Tanya of Mom’s Small Victories, worth $17.00. It is a planner geared towards those who sometimes have no energy due to a chronic illness.

Time Management Sheets

This product is by Jennifer Roskamp of The Intentional Mom and is worth $18.00. It is geared towards moms/homemakers. Includes a weekly productivity score to keep you motivated, as well as daily time trackers.

Goal Planners 

Goal Planners inside the bundle

90-Day Personal Growth Goal & Life Planning System

An E-Course by Cassandra Massey of Moms Choose Joy, worth $37.00. It is geared towards women, includes a 280-page planner as well as an 8-video training service.

Goal Setting Life Planner

A planner by Sareeta Lopex of Flight & Scarlet with a value of $19.00. It is for women who want to set goals, includes in-depth goal panning pages.

Goals & Planning Bundle

By Abby Lawson of Just a Girl and Her Blog, with a value of $12.00. Includes daily, weekly, and monthly planner for goals/projects.

Quarterly Targets & Goals Tracking

Goal setting resource by Kimi Kinsey of, worth $7.00.

The 2019 Success Designer Planner

A planner by Khaye Mydette Macalinao of Shining Mom Blog, worth $10.00. Goal focused planner for anyone who wants to set goals! Includes goal setting, planning, tracking, budgeting, travel, and more!

The Goal-Getter Workbook

By Laura S Shaw of, with a value of $25.00. An in-depth walkthrough of the full goal setting process

The Ultimate Goal Setting Planner™ (Couples Edition)

This planner is created by Mike & Carlie Kervechal of Fulfilling Your Vows™. With 100 printable pages, this planner would be great for any married couple looking to reconnect.

As I’m not married, this won’t be a resource I dive into.

Ultimate Goal Setting Planner 2019

By MaryEllen Bream of Imperfect Homemaker, worth $19.00.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting inside the bundle

Brilliant Baby Steps:

By Beth Anne Schwamberger of Brilliant Business Moms, worth $47.00. An eCourse for making the most of your time, no matter what season of life you are in.

Driven Women Grace Based Productivity for Christians:

This is a course created by Phylicia Mosonheimer of It includes 4 segments to teach Christian women to improve their time management skills.

Since I’m not religious, I won’t be using this course.

Goal Setting 101:

By Nadalie Bardo of It’s All You Boo, valued at $49.99. An eCourse that teaches a strategy for goal setting in any aspect/point of life.

Start Finishing Your Projects:

By Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing, with a value of $14.99. A course for anyone who struggles finishing projects.

I’ve started working through this resource, and so far I really like listening to Charlie speak. He sounds honest and lays out actionable steps to picking a project and getting it done.

The 90-Day Personal Productivity Power Plan:

A course by Lise Cartwright of Hustle and Groove worth $197.00, that helps introduce balance into your life.

Home Management

Goal Setting inside the bundle

Child, It’s Time to Get Off Your Butt

This is an eBook created by Angela Davis of Frugal Living NW. It has a value of $7.00. It walks you through skills to involve your children in a productive morning routine.

Since I don’t have kids I won’t be immersing myself in this book, but for those of you with little ones, it seems like a valuable resource.

Mastering the #MomLife Juggle

An eCourse by Brianna Berner of Spiked Parenting worth $67.00. A course for moms who want to get more done!

My opinion: Again, not a mom, but this seems like a very useful course for the moms out there that are struggling to get everything done in 24 hours a day.

Productivity & Organization for Women

A 4 week course by Cheri Chin of Super Power Speech, worth $49.00. Geared towards women who want to organize their life & home.

Home Management Planners & Printables

Family Chore System & Planner

By Mandi Ehman worth $17.00. Tips for creating chore routines with your family.

Get Your House Clean & Organized: A Cleaning Planner

  • By Laura Rizer of Sunny Day Family
  • Value: $7.99
  • Cleaning planner & checklists – modify to fit your life!
  • My opinion:

Home Cleaning Planner

  • By Corinne Schmitt of WonderMom Wannabe
  • Value: $4.99
  • Checklists for cleaning everything home related
  • My opinion:

Housekeeping Chore Box for Kids & Families

This is a planner created by Kemi Quinn of Homemaking Organized, with a value of $9.00. It is a DIY craft with various chores for children.

Since I don’t have kids this won’t be something I create, but it could be a fun craft to do with your kids and to get them involved!

Life Management Binder

By Heather Moritz of worth $24.00. Printables to help you organize every aspect of your home/life.

Organized 31 Tickler File System

From Susan Santoro of Organized 31, worth $3.99. Walkthrough of a system to help you organize all bills & paperwork.

I’m looking forward to diving into this one ASAP because tax season always bring so much paperwork.

Year of Intent

By Leslie Lambert of Lamberts Lately, valued at $15.99. Yearly planner to organize goals, health, activities, finances, and more.

Mindset & Self Care

Mind set and self care inside the bundle

10 Steps to Feel Motivated & Get Stuff Done

By Heather LeGuilloux of, worth $9.00. Workbook for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to get more done.

Ignite Your Life

By Jess Stuart of, with a value of $15.00. An eCourse to feel happier & create the life you’ve wanted.

Positivity Planner

From Chris Mooney of Campfires and Cleats, worth $14.00. A Monthly & daily planner to increase organization and feel more positive.


An eBook by Lisa Grace Byrne of Well Grounded Life, work $9.99. This is a religion based book for moms who want to live clearer.

In my opinion I won’t be reading this book, as I am neither a mom nor religious, but I’m sure it has great information.

The Breaking Barriers Challenge

By Lindsay Preston of, valued at $47.00. A 5 day eCourse that teachs you how to live your best life & achieve even more.

Productivity at Work

Productivity at Work inside the bundle

Balanced Life Guide

By Lauren Cecora of, valued at $47.00. 6 week video/worksheet program that breaks down how to organize your life.

Motivation Kit

From Julia Bickerstaff of 100 Day Goal, worth $18.00. Workbook all about motivation and how to bring it into your life.

Perfect Project Planner

By Eve Tokens of Perfect Project Planner, valued at $40.00. Project planner for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

The Personal Productivity Toolkit

An eCourse by Paul Minors of worth $197.00. Full of advice on how to save time in your business.

Work by Design Summit

By Claire Diaz-Ortiz of, worth $67.00. A video summit of 50+ interviews with productivity experts.

Time Management

Time Management inside the bundle

How to Finish Your To-Do List Every Day

By Marcia Ramsland of Organizing Pro, worth $47.00. Quick video that teaches the tools to a good to-do list & crossing everything off every day.

It’s About Time

An ebook by Aby Garvey of Simplify 101, valued at $49.00. Helps you to create a time management system that fits your life.

Organize Your Life with Trello

By Cara Harvey and Elisa Giorgio of League of Extraordinary Moms, worth $47.00. An eCourse that teaches the basics of using Trello as a time management tool

Personality-Based Time Management©

A resource by Susie Glennan of The Busy Woman, with a value of $4.99. How to create a time management system that fits your personality.

My opinion: I am looking forward to diving into this one – I’m curious how personalities effect productivity!

Take Back Your Time

By Emily Bendler of The Multitasking Mom Site, worth $4.99. An eBook for Moms to effectly manage their time.

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That is a crazy amount of content for the price tag! I don’t think you’d ever be expected to go through every single product, but if you can even benefit from 2-3 of them it is well worth the purchase.

My only complaints would be that there a bunch of 2019 calendars, and it’s good to have a selection, but no-one can use all of them! More un-dated calendars/planners would have been great. I also wish there were less religion based resources, as I don’t think it necessarily guides productivity or not.

Have any questions about my experience with the products? Want some help deciding if this is right for you? Feel free to leave a comment down below, I’d love to lend a hand! 

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle Review #ultimateproductivitybundle

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