Wow, I can’t believe that I’ve had my blog live for 30 days now. My brain has felt like it would explode from knowledge this last month – it has been stressful, but extremely rewarding. Most importantly, it’s been so much fun! Some of the bloggers I have learnt a lot from this month (see here) have done something called a traffic and income report. I’ve decided that it would be a great idea for me to do right from the get go – what better way to motivate myself than to be able to track progress!

Before we jump in I want to say why I’m including this on my blog:

  1. These reports will help keep me accountable.
  2. They’ll help me to track my progress and see what things are/aren’t working.
  3. I really like when bloggers are transparent – I think it’s super important and helps everyone to learn about the tools and possibilities available!

Let’s jump in to my traffic and income report for April 2018!

Income Disclosure: I made a whopping 0$ this month – here’s why that’s okay:

I’m just starting out, I never expect to make money blogging. If I can make a tiny bit of pocket change that will be fantastic – but that’s not why I’m doing this. I do hope to eventually get affiliate links or ads, or maybe even open up an Etsy store, but right now I’m just having so much fun sharing information and learning.

Money Spent: $91.81 CAD

The money I spent was for my blog hosting/domain, I got a great deal for one year of hosting via Shelby at Littlecoffeefox, so I decided to go ahead and pay one year up front. I currently haven’t had to spend any other money directly on my blog, although I anticipate I will in the future.

Traffic Statistics – April 2018:

Now let’s take a look at my account stats for April, these are going to be a bit funny since I don’t have a starting point (I didn’t know I was doing this until it happened so I don’t have any stats for the beginning of April) – I’m hoping this will look better next month!

I’m honestly super proud of these stats this month, I didn’t even expect 10 people to look at my blog, let alone almost 300!! These stats can also be interpreted a bit differently as some accounts haven’t been active for the full month of April (see Twitter for example).

Top Traffic Referrers (aka how did people find me!):
  1. Pinterest – honestly, never ever underestimate the power of Pinterest. It will bring so much traffic to your blog – it has for me, and it has for so many other bloggers.
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram (likely through my link tree link)
  4. Search Engine (Woo – my SEO is working!)

I’m really happy with how April turned out for me, and I’m amazed at the traffic that has come to my blog in this short amount of time since it has been up and running.

I’m also going to be using these reports as a way to set goals for myself for the coming month, and then you can hold me accountable 😉


Traffic Goals for May 2018:

  • Instagram Followers: 560 –> 600
  • Pinterest Followers: 4 –> 20
  • Twitter Followers: 1 –> 50
  • Facebook Likes: 2 –> 30
  • Email subscribers: 7 –> 40
  • Visitors: 294 –> 400

I also have a goal for myself this month to post 2 things every week, and to use all my other social media channels daily.

  • Blog Posts: 2x a week (Monday and Thursday).
  • Instagram Posts: Every second day
  • Facebook Posts: Every Day
  • Tweet: 2 times a day
  • Pinterest: Pin to all boards every day.

I’m not currently setting any income related goals for myself as that is not a main focus at this time. Right now my goals are to grow traffic, and just become integrated within my posting schedule. Money can come later 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this traffic and income report – I’d love to hear what works and what doesn’t for you in your blog/social media life. I very openly admit that I know nothing about blogging, this has been an insane learning curve, and I am grateful for any feedback you can give!

Until next time,

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